Westworld season Three episode 7 recap: Caleb learns the key to his previous

Westworld season Three episode 7 recap: Caleb learns the key to his previous


Caleb has a number of baggage to unpack.


Following final week’s standout episode bringing about heart-wrenching turns for the Man in Black and particularly Charlotte Hale, this week Westworld centered on Caleb: Lastly he items collectively the reality behind these traumatic flashbacks.

Episode 7, titled Handed Pawn and written by Gina Atwater, brings a good few payoffs, from the Maeve-Dolores battle of two powerhouses, to the reveals about Caleb and the reeducation facilities. A couple of twists arrange an intriguing finale subsequent week, and with probably the most compelling character — Halores — nonetheless in play, Westworld could stick the touchdown.

Warning: Spoilers forward.

Halores and Dolores have effectively and actually damaged up

Pushed over the sting by the horrific deaths of Charlotte’s son Jake and ex-husband Nathan, Halores (Tessa Thompson) fulfills an arc that is been teased all season. Touching base with Yakuza boss Musashi (a Dolores copy within the Shogun World host’s physique), Halores confirms she’s not on Dolores’ aspect, lastly rejecting Dolores’ seemingly egocentric plan that includes so many casualties.


Whats up once more, Clementine.


Together with utilizing both Dolores’ or Delos’ printer to construct herself a brand new, noncharred physique, Halores additionally appears to have aligned herself with Maeve’s crew.

And Maeve’s crew is changing into stacked: In one other blast from the previous, Clementine, Maeve’s protege on the brothel of Sweetwater, seems in the identical Jakata restaurant as Dolores-Musashi and kicks off a brawl with him and his Yakuza gang. Eager eyes would’ve noticed Clementine’s host ID on the pc within the Delos lab final episode, the place Serac (Vincent Cassel) was printing hosts for Maeve’s crew.

Then one other stunning determine steps out of the shadows: Hanaryo, the Shogun equal of Armistice, with a dragon tattoo on her face. Profitable kill of the week, she runs her katana round Dolores-Musashi’s physique, slicing it in two.

Dolores reveals extra of her grand plan

Caleb and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wooden) journey horses in what seems just like the Westworld theme park, however no, it is Sonora, Mexico, in an space Caleb appears to have been to earlier than.


That is not Westworld.


Caleb questions Dolores’ imprecise plans to start out a revolution: “What sort of revolution are we waging right here?”

After revealing the Westworld theme park was modeled after this open land, Dolores lastly lets us in on her barely much less murder-filled plan: She desires to construct a brand new house for the hosts to stay freely, and possibly this could possibly be the place to do it.

Surprisingly, she additionally implies she desires to assist people too. Her type is sort of extinct because of Serac, however individuals nonetheless have an opportunity to stay freely from Rehoboam’s designs. And she or he desires Caleb, reluctant as he’s, to steer them.

The Man in White discovers he is ‘deceased’

Tinkering with the psychological establishment’s computer systems, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) clears up what the deal was with the tracer Dolores (through Halores) positioned within the blood of William (Ed Harris), aka the Man in White. When the docs on the psychological establishment, actually a reeducation middle, took it to their lab for testing, it allowed Dolores to infiltrate the remainder of their system. That is some fairly particular blood tracer tech.

In the meantime, Stubbs and William bicker about William’s dodgy morals, resulting in a William zinger: “Do not lecture me, you fucking can opener.”

Then Bernard pipes up with some life-changing details about William: In response to the computer systems, he is “deceased.” Whereas usually troubling, that could possibly be helpful for William — possibly it might disguise him from Dolores.

Who’s Caleb?

All through the season, Caleb’s flashbacks and grief over his lifeless military pal Francis (Child Cudi) have hinted at one thing even darker hidden in his reminiscences. Because of a visit to the reeducation middle in Mexico, a spot Serac created to reform society’s “outliers,” Caleb and Dolores discover solutions.


Nice glasses.


In a flashback, Caleb is strapped to a desk and interrogated by Dr. Greene, with the augmented remedy glasses clamped to his face. He explains he was despatched to Crimea through the Russian civil conflict to search out the final of an rebel group. After their unit was attacked by Russians, Caleb and Francis (someway) captured the chief.

Preserving the person hostage, the 2 wait hours for evacuation, nevertheless it by no means comes. Leaving the warehouse, they’re ambushed by Russians — and that is when Francis is shot lifeless.

However, in true Westworld vogue, these reminiscences maintain extra secrets and techniques.

Solomon has solutions

Again within the current, Caleb and Dolores go additional into the navy base-like middle and discover Solomon, one of many first iterations of Rehoboam. That is the place Serac and his brother Jean Mi had been creating their massive purple Loss of life Star-looking supercomputer. The explanation Serac deserted this model: It had inherited Jean Mi’s schizophrenia. Solomon, Caleb suggests, is insane.

Coming off very Area Odyssey HAL together with his creepy enunciation, Solomon explains that Caleb was one of many first to obtain the middle’s “revolutionary” remedy. However the success fee is low, and ominously, Dolores and Caleb set off to seek out out what occurred to the casualties.

The large Caleb reveal

Caleb and Dolores come throughout a Serac hologram message meant for Jean Mi. Intriguingly, Serac says, “I want I could possibly be there with you, Jean Mi, however the man I used to be not exists.” That is bizarre. It feels like one other trace confirming the speculation that Serac has been a hologram all alongside.


An actual reminiscence of Caleb and Francis.


In what seems — once more — like one thing out of 2001: A Area Odyssey, Dolores and Caleb set off the lights on a cavernous storeroom crammed with 1000’s of people that did not make it via the reconditioning, encased in glass coffins for his or her lengthy cryogenic sleep.

Solomon then reveals the large secret to Caleb’s fractured reminiscences: They are not actual. They have been altered by the “limbic” tablets Caleb had been utilizing to numb his emotions every time he needed to kill as a soldier.

Serac’s “elegant” answer to the outlier downside concerned utilizing recovered outliers like Caleb to assist spherical up different instances. Utilizing the seemingly enjoyable crime moneymaking app, Rico, they may do one thing referred to as “regulate criminality.”

And Francis? He by no means died in Russia. The rebel chief, he was actually Whitman, a consultant of the pharmaceutical firm that makes the limbic tabs. Caleb and Francis had been deployed by Rico to kill him, just because he did not match the “system’s” plan anymore.

However when he advised Caleb and Francis an excessive amount of, the system, which is at all times listening, despatched them every an alert to assassinate one another for a giant reward.

It was shoot or be shot, and Caleb fired simply in time to kill Francis, his buddy, lifeless.

Dolores and Maeve showdown

Listening to Maeve’s (Thandie Newton) helicopter land, Dolores is aware of it is time for her reckoning. Caleb desires to go along with her, however she tells him he is nonetheless received a job to do, one that does not appear to wish her… and that is when your coronary heart clunks. Is Dolores going to die for good?

Solomon agrees to assist Dolores and Caleb; he has a brand new plan for the human race, one the place the best variety of individuals will survive. For the primary time, now that we all know Dolores desires to assist people, she comes off as extra sympathetic than Maeve.


Dolores in a spot of hassle.


Maeve is salty after Halores destroyed Hector final episode beneath Dolores’ directions. She additionally nonetheless believes her daughter and the remainder of the hosts who escaped to the Elegant aren’t protected so long as Dolores is alive.

The Dolores-Maeve combat has been coming all season. Does it ship? Regardless that we knew Dolores would lose an arm in some unspecified time in the future because of the promo trailer, the best way it occurs remains to be a coronary heart in mouth second.

Dolores and Maeve cleverly arrange their very own backup robotic shooters — Maeve utilizing her helicopter and Dolores utilizing a makeshift AI-powered rifle setup. Dolores appears to have the higher hand for a lot of the combat, shortly disarming Maeve from her katana.

However now that our guard’s down, it is time for Maeve’s massive comeback: She stabs Dolores, who stumbles into the helicopter’s firing line and has her arm blown off — multi functional fast second.

A struggling Dolores, nonetheless alive, drags her approach again into the room with Solomon’s system. Nearly to have her head sliced off by Maeve, she appears to appreciate one thing and slams an extremely useful massive purple button that shuts the ability off. In some way, that makes each she and Maeve drop to the ground, as in the event that they’re offline. Did Solomon assist her?

The Man in White is ‘good’

After dealing with all his demons, i.e., killing his previous selves in augmented remedy, William resolves to repair his wrongs and make it as much as the individuals he loves — by wiping out each host from the face of the Earth and blotting out his “authentic sin.”


The Man in White has a brand new modus operandi.


Yep, William’s actually misplaced it now.

Stopping at a fuel station, Bernard, having discovered details about Caleb within the reeducation middle’s recordsdata, thinks he is aware of why he is a part of Dolores’ plan. Dolores, constructed with a “poetic sensibility,” will not destroy humanity. However Caleb will.

In the meantime, letting their guard down, Bernard and Stubbs enable William to arm himself with a discarded gun from contained in the fuel station. He threatens Stubbs and Bernard, however does he shoot? We’ll discover out within the finale.

What to anticipate for the finale

Whereas nonetheless within the cryogenic sleep chamber, Caleb orders Solomon to inform him easy methods to finish every part and kill Serac. Solomon places one thing onto a USB drive for Caleb, which he’ll presumably use towards Serac subsequent episode.

Judging by the look on Caleb’s face, having discovered his life has been a lie and that Rehoboam compelled him to kill Francis, he is all in to hold out Dolores’ plan and destroy Serac.

Will Maeve and Dolores be there with him? Or are they completely out of the image for the finale? It could be intriguing to see Halores, Clementine and Hanaryo have greater roles to play — hosts aside from Dolores taking their destiny into their very own arms.

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Deeper into the maze

  • Dolores-Musashi’s briefcase that turns right into a gun Optimus Prime-style is a few ultracool futuristic weapon expertise Westworld is extremely good at developing with.
  • The place can I get Dolores’ new black ear cuff?
  • Sonora, Mexico, has significant historical past: A spot of real-world cowboy tradition, it shares a border between Mexico and america. Perhaps the hosts actually might construct a brand new world there.
  • Why is Serac’s hologram talking in English and never French to his French brother?
  • The automobiles this season look actually cool, if stupidly jacked-up on steroids. Maeve’s helicopter is a barely sleeker addition.
  • We won’t go a season with out reminiscences holding secrets and techniques, can we?
  • Maeve and her allies needs to be referred to as the “Katana Crew” or one thing cooler.

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