Westworld season Three episode 6 recap: The Man in Black finds his objective

Westworld season Three episode 6 recap: The Man in Black finds his objective


The Man in Black confronts previous demons.


In a comparatively Dolores-lite episode this week on Westworld, we reunite with Maeve, the Man in Black and Charlotte. Whereas Maeve gathers assist in the struggle in opposition to Dolores and the Man in Black goes to a twisted group remedy session, Charlotte, aka Halores, has the cool struggle sequence of the week, which inevitably ends in tragedy.

The sixth episode of season Three known as Decoherence, and was written by Suzanne Wrubel and collection co-creator Lisa Pleasure. It sees Maeve confront Dolores within the huge standoff teased within the promo trailer, but it surely’s not the grand showdown you count on. In a darker episode, in contrast with final week, Tessa Thompson lastly will get to take Halores to driving locations, and that is her standout episode. Get the rundown beneath.

Warning: Spoilers forward.

Maeve wants assist

We open in what appears just like the Chic, a digital heaven for the consciousness of hosts. Maeve (Thandie Newton), who did not let being stabbed in episode 4 maintain her down, has a second along with her daughter, a resident of the Chic because the finish of season 2.

However this is not actual and Serac (Vincent Cassel) waltzes into the scene, providing Maeve a reward for looking down Dolores (Evan Rachel Wooden): He’ll take her again to her good reminiscences of dwelling along with her daughter.

However as a substitute, Maeve says all she desires is what Dolores has: “Assist.”

The Man in Black in remedy

We reduce to a circle of sufferers, all carrying white jumpsuits, in a psychological establishment. Simply as they begin discussing God and His plan for everybody — increase! — look who reveals up: The Man in Black (Ed Harris).

It wasn’t clear we might see him once more after episode Four revealed his tormented state, haunted by hallucinations of his useless daughter Emily. However he is again, pontificating about his favourite topic — existentialism — whereas making fellow sufferers burst into tears and present process augmented actuality remedy.

Halores, Serac and extra homicide

Halores (a Dolores copy in Charlotte Hale’s physique) sees extra results of the world spinning uncontrolled after Dolores launched everybody’s “life projection” information final episode.


Halores is falling for a person who does not know she’s a number.


After hurrying her son Nathan dwelling by a trashed avenue in San Francisco, Halores discovers Charlotte’s ex-husband Jake (Michael Ealy) together with his profile. However as a substitute of looking for out what turns into of their relationship, he decides, “It is less than a machine to resolve; it is our selection.” This clearly touches Halores, hinting greater than ever that her beliefs may lead her astray from Dolores’ plans.

After Serac’s thugs off one of many Delos board members, Halores calls Dolores to concede she didn’t take Delos personal. In lower than two hours, the corporate will likely be Serac’s.

Dolores instructs Halores to safe all of the host-making information from Delos earlier than Serac destroys it. Halores pushes again at Dolores for requesting she put her life in peril: That may have penalties for her household. “They are not your loved ones,” Dolores promptly replies.

Delos has formally been taken over by Incite

Serac instructs the Delos board to erase most of its mental property. The one factor he desires: the encryption key, which unlocks the visitor information and the Chic.

In different information: He is aware of Dolores made a number of copies of herself and suspects there’s one in Delos. He orders all staff to be examined for aberrations. Halores gulps.

Whereas rapidly making a duplicate of the host information, she’s caught midmission by one of many board members. He makes the error of scarpering off to inform Serac, and Halores proceeds to interrupt his neck. That is only a style of the superior Tessa Thompson struggle scenes to come back.

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Westworld season 3: Incite vs. Delos


William’s twisted group remedy session

In a blast from the previous, William faces a number of AR variations of himself, from The Man in Black, a dinner swimsuit model (presumably from season 2, episode 9 when Ford palms him a card with all the information the park has acquired on him), the kid model and the Jimmi Simpson model. That is proper, he is again!


William’s existentialism by no means ends.


James Delos, who William was testing final season to see if his consciousness may survive in a number physique, additionally joins in as a type of moderator, pushing William to discover the important thing to his “darkish urges” — one thing traumatic that occurred in his childhood dwelling.

William’s dad interrogates the kid William about one thing that occurred in school. William broke a child’s arm and knocked out three of his enamel — all as a result of the child referred to as his dad a drunk. “What the hell is fallacious with you?” his dad asks.

However the totally different variations of William conclude their father drank as a result of of William’s violence. He by no means had a selection, his path to the sadistic Man in Black was at all times how he was going to prove.

Realizing what he should do, William murders his different selves, which is meant to be cathartic — say goodbye to Jimmi Simpson. Now that William’s free from his previous, he claims he lastly understands his objective: “I am the great man.”

Fascinating. Even when that is a delusion, it appears William could have an even bigger function to play in occasions involving Dolores.

Maeve and Dolores face off

Whereas ready for Serac to print her a brand new physique, in addition to construct her some host buddies to struggle Dolores, Maeve wakes up in Warworld. Blowing off some steam, she beats up a whole troop of Nazi officers


Maeve and Dolores have a little bit chat.


Accompanied by Lee Sizemore and a restored Hector, a “reward” from Serac, Maeve comes throughout a model of Dolores that Serac positioned within the simulation. In the identical glass room the place Dolores as soon as interviewed Bernard, Maeve brings Dolores again on-line they usually have a chat.

That is type of an enormous stand-off second, besides the simulation-Dolores is a extra placid model who hasn’t but launched an assault on all people. She tries to guarantee Maeve she’ll by no means damage her daughter, regardless of holding the important thing to the Chic in her head.

Maeve requests the important thing, however Dolores cannot entrust it to her, since she’s aligned herself with Serac. They arrive to a stalemate, realizing they each have little selection however to struggle one another.

Halores uploads the Delos information

Halores, nonetheless tinkering in Delos’ programs, makes use of a tracker she positioned in William’s blood when she had him dedicated, to search out the place he’s, apparently a location Dolores has been on the lookout for. After securely stealing all of Delos’ information, Halores, virtually signaling her dying, calls her husband and says she’ll be dwelling in half an hour.

Serac holds one other board assembly, the place he exposes Halores for who she actually is, declaring that the actual Charlotte Hale would by no means have taken the time to examine on her son. What a heartless technique to expose somebody.


Keep in mind this man?


As Serac spouts Dolores’ catchphrase at her — “These violent delights have violent ends” — Halores as soon as once more proves she’s smarter than everybody, releasing a gasoline canister that knocks the board members out.

Cue cool struggle sequence to Ramin Djawadi’s pulsing synths as Halores makes use of her now iconic cape-jacket to choke a safety guard out. Heading into the host printing lab, she then carries out Dolores’ plan to stop Maeve from gaining allies, squishing Hector’s pearl to a pulp.

Simply earlier than she’s captured, Halores brings the Transformer-like riot management robots to her rescue. It might’ve been a waste if we did not see them once more — one Hulk-smashes by a wall to pin a man to dying. One other flings a guard like a rag doll into the close by synthetic lake. Silly enjoyable.

Bernard and Stubbs to the rescue

William, having completed murdering his previous selves, emerges from his augmented actuality. Who involves the rescue however Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth), saying one thing concerning the medical doctors forgetting William in all of the chaos. Is that this referring to the chaos attributable to the Delos information breach from final episode? Or one thing else?


Maeve within the fabricated Chic.


Maeve unleashed in the actual world

Maeve’s physique is lastly full. She steps out to the actual world, however the printer’s not achieved: Hector could also be gone ceaselessly, however Maeve sees one other physique midcreation. What pearls are left? Might Maeve make a duplicate of Dolores, seeing as Serac made one for the simulation?

A tragic ending

Miraculously, Halores escapes and retrieves Jake and Nathan. However maintain up, that is Westworld and there aren’t any blissful endings.

Desiring to drive someplace the place nobody will discover them, Halores tells her husband, “I can maintain you secure.” Huge mistake. The subsequent second — BOOM. The automobile blows up.

However that is not the craziest half: Halores survives, crawling out from the burning wreckage, her hair and pores and skin burned to a purple, charred layer. A tear drops from her eye, her expression saying all of it: She’s going to get revenge.

What an finish to a busy episode of Westworld.

Deeper into the maze

  • In what’s changing into a favourite motif for Westworld, we as soon as once more open in a area of wheat.
  • AR remedy is such an intriguing use for one thing that hasn’t actually taken off in actual life.
  • Can we agree Halores’ blush-colored cape-jacket is a vogue second?
  • The Jimmi Simpson cameo is an surprising reward.
  • Younger William reads a ebook referred to as Sir Rowan and the Girl of Sulon. It does not appear to narrate to something in actual life…
  • The Man in Black is now the Man in White.
  • The sequence wherein we get close-ups of how a number physique is created is gorgeous to look at: The small print of the eyebrows and the blood being pumped into the physique are actually one thing.
  • The Hale household automobile is an absolute beast. It is like this world’s model of a minivan-tank.

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