Westworld season Three episode 5 recap: Dolores sends the world into chaos

Westworld season Three episode 5 recap: Dolores sends the world into chaos


Serac as a child witnessing the destruction of Paris.


It was an excellent greater episode than common this week for Westworld, each when it comes to transferring Dolores’ plan into hyperdrive, and discovering extra about Serac’s shady backstory. However the very best — and weirdest bits — all concerned Caleb taking a drug referred to as Style and occurring Westworld’s equal of an acid journey.

Episode 5 is fittingly referred to as Style, and was co-written by sequence creator Jonathan Nolan and Karrie Crouse. Rather a lot occurred, together with extra display screen time for the good Lena Waithe and Marshawn Lynch, and a doable romance between Caleb and Dolores. Let’s get caught into all the things that went down.

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Spoilers forward.

Serac and his tousled childhood

By way of French subtitles and a flashback, we be taught that as a toddler Serac (Vincent Cassel) and his brother, Jean Mi (Paul Cooper), an especially clever and philosophical 10-year-old, grew to become disenchanted with the state of the world after they witnessed Paris being nuked. Comprehensible.

Believing God had by no means existed within the first place, and that “humanity was hurtling in direction of extinction,” they determined to construct a god to avoid wasting them. These are objectives we must always all have as 10-year-olds.

And that, we be taught, is the thesis behind Rehoboam, the machine they ultimately constructed that basically put humanity on a loop.

However as we all know, that did not work out.

When the brothers are older, in what seems like their 20s, they go into enterprise with the now-deceased Liam Dempsey Sr. (Jefferson Mays), co-founder of Incite. Incite places the whole world’s knowledge of their arms. However, pondering iterations of Rehoboam do not work, Dempsey Sr. pulls the plug.

Dolores and Caleb are a factor

Dolores (Evan Rachel Wooden) and Caleb (Aaron Paul), have a bit of chat with Liam Dempsey Jr. (John Gallagher Jr.) about his choices, after they kidnapped him final episode. Dempsey Jr., Dolores reminds us, is making an attempt to outbid Serac on Delos, and Serac is not blissful about it. She kindly provides to assist Dempsey Jr. if he offers them the important thing to Rehoboam, to allow them to research Serac’s previous, current and future, and take him down.


Let’s be sincere, Dolores and Caleb have at all times been a factor.


However Dempsey Jr. says his key is not sufficient. “Both we discover a method to defeat him collectively, or all of us die,” Dolores says, after which with completely zero staff spirit, Dempsey Jr. stab-injects Caleb with a brand new get together drug and tries to flee. In new territory for Westworld, the drug turns all the things right into a tacky black-and-white ’50s noir for Caleb, moody orchestrals and all.

Hopping right into a automotive, the trio are virtually instantly pursued by Serac’s belongings. On high of that, Caleb’s head is caught in a heightened state of paranoia.

Mid-gun battle, Caleb begins to listen to Trip of the Valkyries. It is bizarre. Caleb shoots a guided-missile and blows their pursuers up in good time with the crescendo of the music.

It will get even weirder: Caleb’s thoughts mixes with a haze of sickly candy romantic music. In the course of the road, he stares longingly at a glowing Dolores as she weapons down the subsequent batch of thugs. It looks like extra will occur between these two, and if it does, let’s hope they keep off the hallucinogens.

Dolores releases Rehoboam’s knowledge

Ash (Waithe) and Giggles (Lynch) be a part of Dolores’ get together, explaining Caleb’s bizarre inner soundtrack is the results of “style,” “a film marathon” drug.

The gang keep on the transfer, hopping on a prepare out west — a prepare that is positively a metaphor for what’s about to occur. Whereas debating whether or not to launch Rehoboam’s data on everybody and divulge to them that their lives have been prewritten — or on prepare tracks — Caleb impresses Dolores along with his allegory about rats and the way he would relatively reside in chaos than a world managed by Incite.


In fact they’re again.


Sending over Dempsey Jr.’s entry key, Dolores instructs Martin Connells (Tommy Flanagan), aka a duplicate of herself in Martin Connells’ cloned physique, to launch Rehoboam’s knowledge.

Individuals on the true prepare get a notification on their telephones and see their recordsdata containing their prewritten tales, together with predictions of after they’ll die. It is fairly grim.

As Caleb, Dolores and the gang depart the prepare station, they encounter extra folks realizing their actuality is a lie. Amid folks throwing rocks at store home windows in addition to simply having a sit on the bottom, two of Serac’s shooters hop out of a automotive and intention at Caleb.

Dolores, impassive, steps in entrance of him and takes the bullets. She then shoots the thugs lifeless. Caleb gapes at Dolores’ torso, peppered with bullet holes. But she’s nonetheless respiration.


Serac is one tousled man.


Serac ‘edits’ his brother

Prior to now, after Serac and his brother get Dempsey Sr. again on board by displaying him how they will manipulate the inventory market and make financial institution, we see Dempsey Sr. uncover how tousled Serac actually is.

Serac reveals he is been experimenting on “modifying” his personal brother, who’s too “impulsive” and “chaotic” for this new anal world they’re making an attempt to have Rehoboam construct. Serac’s brother had additionally been planning on murdering Dempsey Sr.

Goodbye Connells, hiya Stubbs

Connells exhibits Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) photos of one in every of many Reeducation Facilities the place Serac sends society’s “outliers,” presumably together with his brother, to reform them on their “internal journey’s restoration.”

However then — shock! — Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) jumps out from behind a door to avoid wasting Bernard, the pair of them overpowering Connells and demanding he inform them all the things Dolores has deliberate.

However Connells reveals his position is completed, and Bernard and Stubbs flee earlier than Pom Klementieff’s Martel, who works for Serac, takes Connells away to be killed.

Connells, getting the final giggle, blows himself, Martel and some different thugs up.

Caleb’s traumatic flashbacks

On a seashore someplace, Dolores, Caleb and the gang deliberate what to do with Dempsey Jr., having stripped him of his cash and entry to Rehoboam’s knowledge.

To cease him taunting all of them for being an issue to society, Ash shoots Dempsey Jr. within the abdomen. Whereas Dempsey Jr.’s within the sand dying, Caleb has extra complicated flashbacks.


Caleb’s received some black-and-white baggage to unpack.


Caleb sees fragments of reminiscence from his time serving within the military: He appears to guide a person with a bag over his head right into a abandoned warehouse, the place Caleb seems like he is about to shoot him.

Then he remembers being on an working desk, overseen by a lady in a modern white outfit we have not seen earlier than (she’s performed by Bahia Haifi Gold and credited as Dr. Greene). Was he in one of many rehabilitation clinics?

Earlier than he can determine it out, Dempsey Jr. dies. His closing phrases are, “You probably did it.”

Caleb asks Dolores, “Who do they assume I’m?”

Caleb’s character has had a layer of thriller to him because the first episode, and it might make sense if he’d had his reminiscence wiped in some unspecified time in the future.

That ending

Prior to now, Serac takes Dempsey Sr. to the desert, the place they philosophize about company. Dempsey Sr. thinks Serac will not hurt him, since Rehoboam predicted he would not. However Westworld’s themes about free will come into play, and Serac goes forward and brutally bashes Dempsey Sr. to loss of life.

Within the current, Dolores stands off with a hologram of Serac. She is aware of about his brother, and declares, “It is time everybody wakened.” Caleb and Dolores then soar in a jet (are they heading for a kind of reeducation facilities?), bringing a very weird episode of Westworld to an finish.

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Deeper into the maze

  • A younger Serac runs his hand via a area of wheat, calling again to season 1 and a couple of. And Gladiator.
  • Serac appears to have his personal private connection to Rehoboam in his wristwatch. The white face seems prefer it has a espresso stain circle in it. However on Vincent Cassel, it seems stylish. Vincent Cassel can pull something off.
  • Alexandre Bar, who performs the twentysomething Serac, is a kind of eerily good casting selections: Bar and Cassel have the very same chin and bone construction.
  • Serac and his brother name iterations of their machine after figures within the Hebrew bible, from Solomon to his son Rehoboam.
  • Dempsey Jr. wears a T-shirt with a print that describes him completely: “Primary.”
  • No Maeve, Charlotte or the Man in Black this week.

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