WandaVision episode 6 recap: The Disney Plus Marvel present will get spooky within the ’90s

WandaVision episode 6 recap: The Disney Plus Marvel present will get spooky within the ’90s


Imaginative and prescient approves, and that is ok for me.

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WandaVision just about blew the Marvel Cinematic Universe large open within the last moments of final week’s epic installment, so it felt like a protracted await episode 6 to hit Disney Plus on Friday. We return to the sitcom city of Westview after Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Imaginative and prescient (Paul Bettany) bought a most surprising customer: her late brother Pietro, however the model from the X-Males universe (Evan Peters).

Outdoors the Westview hex, SWORD agent Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), astrophysicist Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) and FBI man Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) are busily scheming about the best way to get again in.

Let’s dive into this lovely sorta ’90s-themed episode, however watch out for spooky SPOILERS from right here on out.

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Pietro of the X-Males selection

Pietro has slipped into the function of the man-child uncle superbly, however appears to have the reminiscences of MCU Pietro (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) relatively than ones of the Fox X-Males universe (a separate actuality) that’d match his face. 

“Particulars are fuzzy, man. I bought shot like a chump on the street for no motive in any respect, and the following factor I do know, I heard you calling me. I knew you wanted me,” he tells Wanda, who’s equally confused about Pietro’s new look.

He clearly would not bear in mind than he sacrificed himself in Avengers: Age of Ultron, by dashing in entrance of Hawkeye (who’d simply saved a child) as Ultron fired a hail of bullets. Wanda later briefly sees a flash of X-Males Pietro with the deadly wounds sustained by MCU Pietro — very similar to she did with Imaginative and prescient in episode 4.

Was this a second of actuality or an echo of her trauma? What would occur if Pietro stepped outdoors the barrier? Would his reminiscences of the X-Males universe be restored, or would he revert to MCU Pietro and die? The previous appears extra possible — Wanda (or whoever’s actually in management) most likely introduced Pietro in from the X-Males universe and gave him MCU Pietro’s reminiscences.


They did it once more.

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We additionally see that Wanda’s fondness for Pietro is not with out its limits. When he callously says Vison cannot “die twice,” she flings him away together with her powers. I am with Wanda on this, do not be a jerk Pietro. 

How Wanda made Westview

Pietro can be conscious that Westview is Wanda’s assemble, and is outwardly cool with it. He wonders the place she’s been hiding all the children who’ve proven up for the Halloween hijinks — we have seen no children except for Tommy and Billy earlier than this episode — however brushes previous it shortly. Nevertheless, Wanda would not understand how she created this model of Westview.

“I solely bear in mind feeling utterly alone. Empty, I simply… ” she says. “Infinite nothingness.”

It positive seems like she had some assist, maybe from the suspicious as heck Agnes (Kathryn Hahn)?


Brother and sister, comedian book-style.

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The costumes

I dunno about you, however I’ve actually whined about how a lot comedian guide films have strayed from the unique costumes over time, however this episode makes use of the Halloween theme to go full comic-accurate on the outfits. They usually’re lovely.

Wanda says she’s dressed up as a Sokovian fortune teller, whereas Imaginative and prescient is a Mexican wrestler. Pietro would not give a motive for his Quicksilver outfit, nor do Tommy and Billy (whose comedian codenames are Velocity and Wiccan). Agnes is wearing a simple witch costume, which might trace at her magical nature.

Witch on the fringe of city

It looks as if Wanda is giving Imaginative and prescient extra company after their combat in the final episode — early on, she begins to say “You are not purported to…” and cuts herself off. She additionally lets him exit on his personal as an alternative of becoming a member of the household for Halloween enjoyable.

As Imaginative and prescient will get additional away from Wanda, he finds the townspeople getting into loops or simply standing nonetheless — maybe hinting on the restrict of her affect. One girl has a tear operating down her face, suggesting that her true, traumatized self is near the floor. Which is fairly horrible.


Villain or sufferer?

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Imaginative and prescient discovers Agnes sitting in her automotive, having seemingly gotten misplaced. When he “wakes her up,” she refers to him as an Avenger, tells him he is lifeless and says Wanda will not allow them to depart city.

“All is misplaced,” she says, laughing maniacally earlier than Imaginative and prescient has her resume her “function.”

That is mad suspicious — is Agnes faking it? She appears to get up simply and dumps a bunch of troubling data on Imaginative and prescient, maybe to push him to step outdoors the barrier. And what’s misplaced? It appears like a touch at some grander plan, but it surely’s unclear if she’s the mastermind or a puppet.


Tommy and Billy just about grow to be Velocity and Wiccan.

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Tremendous-powered boys

Tommy and Billy get nearer to their comedian guide counterparts this episode, with Tommy gaining super-speed like his uncle Pietro, whereas Billy shows magical talents much like his mom. Tommy can be the cool troublemaker, but it surely’s apparent that Billy is vastly extra highly effective — he stops Tommy in his tracks, and might sense when Imaginative and prescient is in bother.

Wanda implores them to not “go previous Ellis Avenue” — which is on the fringe of city and proper beside the hex barrier. They undoubtedly will although.


A curious and more and more involved Imaginative and prescient steps out of the Westview barrier, and instantly begins to die. He seems to be reverting to the shape he was in when Wanda broke into the SWORD facility and stole his physique, relatively than the corpse left behind after Thanos pulled the Thoughts Stone out of his head in Avengers: Infinity Struggle.


Imaginative and prescient would not fare too properly outdoors Westview.

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Warned about Imaginative and prescient’s scenario by their son Billy, Wanda saves him by increasing the Westview boundaries. In doing so, she additionally consumes the SWORD base (which turns into a circus), the brokers (who grow to be the clowns Wanda presumably considers them to be) and Darcy (we do not see what function she takes on).

Monica, Jimmy and jerk-face performing SWORD director Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg) are safely outdoors the barrier’s new boundaries.

Popular culture confusion

The intro pays homage to basic sitcom Malcolm within the Center, which really would not match the episode’s ’90s theme — it ran on Fox from 2000 to 2006. It additionally exhibits Agnes hanging out with the twins, hinting that they are her true goal.

Within the “Dorkasaurus Rex” flashback, Tommy is carrying a Minecraft beanie. The world-creating recreation was first publicly playable in 2009 and formally got here out in 2011.

The films enjoying the Westview theater had been launched years aside — The Guardian Entice remake got here out in 1998, whereas The Incredibles was 2004. Nevertheless their themes are applicable for this present — the previous is about twins making an attempt to reunite their separated mother and father, whereas the latter is a few household with superpowers (and each are on Disney Plus, conveniently sufficient).

This could possibly be hinting at Wanda’s spotty popular culture information of the ’90s and ’00s, or possibly she’s making continuity errors as a result of she’s distracted by her battle with Imaginative and prescient and by Pietro’s arrival.

The advert

This episode’s in-universe business break — for “Yo-Magic, the snack for survivors” — is tremendous unsettling, and would not look like as direct a reference because the earlier advertisements.

It incorporates a boy ravenous on a small desert island, when a shark gives him a magic-themed yogurt. The boy cannot open it and he ages quickly, leaving solely a skeleton behind (this jogged my memory of the terrifying “He selected poorly” scene in Indiana Jones and the Final Campaign).

It could possibly be alluding to what’s actually occurring within the present. A predator (Agnes?) approaches a determined individual (Wanda?) with a false supply of salvation, but it surely’s an phantasm. It is unclear what the shark will get out of it on this case — possibly the boy’s soul (Wanda’s children?).


Darcy, Jimmy and Monica are about to half methods.

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Mysteries of Monica

Monica and Jimmy set off to satisfy her aerospace engineer good friend, who’s created a vessel that’ll get her again into Westview safely (perhaaaaaaps Reed Richards?)


Monica Rambeau, within the comics costume she wore within the ’80s.

Marvel Comics

Nevertheless, Darcy reveals that going by way of the hex twice has rewritten Monica’s cells. It is unclear how this has modified her, but it surely reminds Monica of her mom’s most cancers and she or he’s apparently unwilling to fret about it proper now. She’s decided to assist Wanda it doesn’t matter what, as a result of she sympathizes together with her grief.

Within the comics, Monica positive aspects the power to remodel herself into any type of vitality inside the electromagnetic spectrum after getting bombarded by extra-dimensional energies — which sounds a complete lot like what is going on on right here. Monica has additionally used a number of codenames over time, together with Captain Marvel, Spectrum and Pulsar.

If MCU Monica will get superpowers, I believe she’ll name herself Photon — her late mom’s pilot callsign, and one other one in all Monica’s comedian codenames.

Observations and WTF questions

  • Hayward is raring to kill Wanda, possible so he can resume experiments on Imaginative and prescient’s distinctive physique (he is monitoring Imaginative and prescient’s actions inside the hex). What had been they doing with him?
  • The reply lies past Hayward’s final firewall, which Darcy cracks and emails to Jimmy shortly earlier than she’s consumed by the increasing hex.
  • Tommy and Wanda use the time period “Kick-Ass,” maybe an oblique reference to the 2010 superhero film. It featured each Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters.
  • Pietro has a tattoo that claims “Mother” on his left shoulder — that is Evan Peters’ actual ink. Conveniently, we are able to learn it as “MoM,” a reference to imminent MCU film Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity (which hits theaters March 25, 2022, and will tie immediately into the occasions of this present).
  • The SWORD ponchos Monica, Jimmy and Darcy put on are beautiful and I would like one.
  • This episode jogged my memory how a lot I miss the sitcoms of the ’90s and ’00s; it hit my nostalgia buttons far more than I anticipated.

Be a part of us for extra Easter eggs and observations subsequent Friday, when episode 7 of WandaVision hits Disney Plus.

CNET’s Caitlin Petrakovitz contributed to this recap.

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