Ultimate Fantasy 7 Remake: 5 questions we now have after beating the sport

Ultimate Fantasy 7 Remake: 5 questions we now have after beating the sport


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After 15 years of being a online game enigma, Ultimate Fantasy 7 Remake turned a actuality on April 10. Critics like it; it stands at 88 on Metacritic, buoyed by a uncommon 10/10 rating from GameSpot, our sister website. (Learn our evaluate right here.) However, as you recognize should you’ve performed 7 Remake or learn a lot about it, that is only the start.

Ultimate Fantasy 7 Remake is an element one in every of Ultimate Fantasy 7, taking the story as much as the place Cloud Strife and firm depart Midgar. Simply as Hollywood turned The Hobbit e-book into three films, Sq. Enix is taking Ultimate Fantasy 7 and turning it into… we do not know what number of, however many components. 

So now that we have performed Ultimate Fantasy 7 Remake, know the way it works and the way it ends, we now have some questions concerning the sequel. Warning: main spoilers under.  

Can a number of timelines not suck?  


On the finish of Ultimate Fantasy 7 Remake, it is revealed that there are not less than two timelines. A earlier timeline, by which the unique Ultimate Fantasy 7 came about, and the timeline we play via in 7 Remake. 

A brilliant fast recap: The Dementor-like creatures that swirl round all through the sport are referred to as Whispers. They’re “arbiters of destiny” — beings that preserve the story progressing in accordance with the earlier timeline aka Ultimate Fantasy 7. (They save Barret when he is impaled by Sephiroth, as a result of Barret does not die within the unique, amongst many different examples.) You eradicate these creatures within the penultimate boss struggle, that means all the things from right here on out just isn’t certain to the story within the unique recreation.

After you beat Sephiroth within the remaining boss struggle, you are proven a small montage. Biggs is seen recovering, Rufus turns into President of Shinra, the Sector 7 Slums are being rebuilt. However you additionally see Zack Honest, Cloud’s mentor, defeating a hoard of Shinra soldiers. Within the unique’s story, that is the place Zack dies (extra on this later). 

As Zack collects himself, a chip packet blows by. It is adorned with Shinra’s Stamp mascot. However as an alternative of the helmet-wearing Beagle we noticed all through 7 Remake, it is a Border Terrier sporting a inexperienced hat. A canine Fidel Castro, mainly. Which means that Zack survives in a timeline completely different from the one which 7 Remake came about in, the place Stamp is a Beagle. 

Stamp in a single timeline. 

Sq. Enix

Stamp in one other. 

Sq. Enix

So this all raises a couple of questions. Are there solely two timelines? Do these timelines work together and cross over with one another now that the Whispers have been punked out? And most significantly to you, the gamer: Does this imply the story in 7 Remake’s sequel will suck?

Like time journey, multiple-dimension tales are very difficult to drag off and sometimes result in destroy. Followers of Kingdom Hearts know this all too nicely.

The Kingdom Hearts franchise, like the unique Ultimate Fantasy 7, had an advanced story. However it was one which made excellent sense should you took a average quantity of effort to grasp it. Then Dream Drop Distance got here round in 2012 and launched time journey and completely different dimensions and related dangerous enterprise. The franchise’s story has been roughly incomprehensible ever since. 

Each 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts are directed by Tetsuya Nomura. After loving Kingdom Hearts intensely till Dream Drop Distance, and completely hating Kingdom Hearts III for its nonsensical story, I, like many others, am uneasy with the brand new route. 

Hopefully 7 Remake’s sequel performs with multidimensionality very fastidiously. 

Visions of Aerith's death

In the direction of the tip of the sport, visions of Aerith’s dying are proven to the participant.

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Will Aerith die?

As talked about, 7 Remake progresses up till the purpose at which the gang leaves Midgar. So we have but to listen to about Sephiroth’s plan to solid Meteor or Aerith’s try at countering with Holy. Maybe, most significantly, we have but to see Sephiroth impale Aerith together with his Masamune. 

However now that 7 Remake’s story is not certain to the unique, will we ever?

Cloud and firm defeat the Whisper Harbinger (think about the king of all whispers, as the remainder are destroyed after it is destroyed) at Future’s Crossroads. How the gang get right here is unclear. Sephiroth slices open what seems like an interdimensional warphole, however then Aerith appears to enhance it together with her personal magic earlier than they enter. She tells Cloud, Tifa, Barret and Crimson XIII that, entering into Future’s Crossroads, they’re going to be altering greater than destiny itself. They’re going to be altering themselves, too.

It is all very JRPG. However it seems as if each Sephiroth and Aerith are conscious of the entire “a number of timelines” factor. For Sephiroth’s half, that will imply he is aware of that, if occasions go as destiny dictates, he’ll in the end be defeated, as he was in Ultimate Fantasy 7.

Meaning he’ll be doing issues otherwise. Maybe he’ll spare Aerith — or maybe he’ll take Tifa or Barret as an alternative. 

In 7 Remake’s finish part, Sephiroth means that, if occasions comply with the earlier timeline (Ultimate Fantasy 7), he in the end loses. Presumably, meaning he’ll be doing issues otherwise. Maybe meaning he’ll spare Aerith — maybe meaning he’ll take Tifa or Barrett as an alternative? 

Zack Fair

Zack Honest, a real hero. 

Sq. Enix

Will Zack not die?

Zack Honest rocks. He was the primary character in Disaster Core: Ultimate Fantasy 7, a wonderful prequel launched on the PSP. As Cloud’s mentor, he will get the highlight for a couple of moments within the unique. He is seen saving Cloud from Hojo’s analysis lab (Hojo was experimenting on Cloud Mako and Sephiroth cells) and, carrying a comatose Cloud, making a run for Midgar. However he is additionally seen gunned down by Shinra soldiers.

In the event you performed Disaster Core, this scene is etched into your thoughts. That recreation ends with you as Zack taking up waves of Squaddies solely to be finally taken down, and Cloud slowly coming to as he crawls to Zack’s corpse. 

Elements of this scene function, nearly body for body, in 7 Remake. Besides, as talked about above, Zack completely lives. Hero standing confirmed. Besides he seems to be in a special dimension than the remainder of the gang, as evidenced by the completely different Stamp mascot.

Aerith senses Zack and Cloud's presence

Aerith senses Zack and Cloud’s presence, regardless that they’re (seemingly) in one other timeline. 

Sq. Enix

Nonetheless, there is a temporary second the place Zack is seen strolling towards Midgar as he carries Cloud. On the identical time Aerith, in the identical spot however in a special timeline, walks away from Midgar. She senses his presence. 

So Zack will certainly be part of the sequel. However to what extent? He is a significant character within the lore of Ultimate Fantasy 7, even when he isn’t a significant character of the unique Ultimate Fantasy 7. So seeing him once more could be good, however some followers will certainly see it as robbing Zack’s unique dying scene of its large emotion. 

When will this recreation come out?

Going into 7 Remake, there have been two key questions on its sequels. First, what number of would there be? And second, when would they arrive out? 

We have now neither reply. A naive a part of me hoped that 7 Remake would comprise some sort of secret ending that, on the finish, would comprise a launch window for the sequel. That was by no means going to occur, nevertheless it’s laborious having no clue when half two will launch. With franchises like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, sequel launch dates are recognized forward of time. 

Contemplating how stunning 7 Remake was — which is to say, what number of manhours possible went into its creation — it is laborious to see a sequel popping out anytime quickly. That is very true since, presumably, it will launch on the PlayStation 5 (and probably the Xbox Sequence X). 

All we will do is cross our fingers Sq. Enix can develop quicker than George RR Martin can write. 

7 Seconds ‘until what?

Essentially the most cryptic a part of 7 Remake’s ending got here when Sephiroth transports Cloud and himself to Fringe of Creation, an space that appears strikingly just like the placement of Cloud and Sephiroth’s showdown. 

Right here, with the Whispers eradicated, Sephiroth beseeches Cloud to affix him. Sephiroth’s plan within the unique is to hit the planet with Meteor, main the planet to heal itself by opening up the lifestream. From there, Sephiroth will bounce in, immersing himself with the planet’s power and make himself a god. Perhaps he thinks Cloud and he himself may be God Bros? 

However Cloud says no, bro, and so they duel. Sephiroth will get the higher hand, knocking Cloud’s sword into the gap. He then slithers up behind Cloud. “Seven seconds until the tip. Time sufficient for you, maybe. However what is going to you do with it? Let’s have a look at.” He disappears.



Sq. Enix

There is not any actual solution to know what that is in reference to. But when I used to be paid to guess, and I’m, I’d say this has one thing to do with the ending of the unique Ultimate Fantasy 7.

In that recreation, Sephiroth has many varieties. You struggle him as Bizarro-Sephiroth after which Safer Sephiroth. The precise final battle within the recreation, although, is simply common ol’ Sephiroth — shirtless, for some purpose. It is Cloud versus Sephiroth in an unloseable battle: The sport prompts you to hit him with the Omnislash restrict break, you do, he dies. 

Cloud travels into the lifestream to seek out Sephiroth. 

Sq. Enix

In between Safer Sephiroth (who’s a lot tougher to beat) and Shirtless Sephiroth, you see Cloud journey via some mild tube factor. It is implied and speculated that after defeating Sephiroth’s bodily type (Safer Sephiroth), Cloud traveled into the lifestream itself to kill Sephiroth correctly. 

He wanted to do that as a result of Sephiroth was mortally wounded by Cloud earlier than Ultimate Fantasy 7 (thus why he is presumed useless through the first a part of the sport) however survived by submerging himself within the lifestream.

Some theorize that Sephiorth’s “Seven seconds until the tip” is a reference to this, that the whole thing of seven Remake and subsequent video games takes place inside Cloud’s thoughts through the time we see Cloud descending into the lifestream within the unique. 

Extra possible, it is full gibberish which may solely is sensible in seven years’ time. 

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