These AI generated memes are weird and profound

These AI generated memes are weird and profound

For a whole era reared within the murky darkish corners of the web, memes are the popular mode of communication. They assist us take care of catastrophic occasions and handle existential dread; they may even assist form the unfold of ailments just like the coronavirus. They hold us sane in troubled instances.

However what occurs whenever you take away the human aspect of memes and have an AI create them as a substitute?

Chaos. That is what. Lovely chaos.



Imgflip has created an AI that generates captions for a number of the hottest memes of the final decade and past. They’re disarmingly good, but additionally bizarre sufficient to create that uncanny valley sensation.  

Typically they nearly work…



And generally they make zero sense in anyway.



However loads of of us on-line have had nice success in utilizing the generator to create extremely weird and sometimes profound memes.

The AI was educated utilizing public photographs generated by customers of the Imgflip Meme Generator. A whole article on how the AI was developed might be discovered right here.  

Within the meantime, I will simply go away y’all with this…


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