Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode 10 recap — Ahsoka takes on Maul in The Phantom Apprentice

Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode 10 recap — Ahsoka takes on Maul in The Phantom Apprentice


Aw yeah — Maul wields his signature model of lightsaber on this episode.


Oh wow. The third-to-last episode of Star Wars: The Clone Warsremaining season arrived on Disney Plus on Friday, following on from final week’s killer Siege of Mandalore opener. We additionally get the best title but: The Phantom Apprentice.

We final noticed ex-Padawan Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) surrounded by dangerous Mandalorians as their chief, former Sith apprentice Maul (Sam Witwer) stepped out of the shadows, apparently disenchanted to see her as an alternative of his nemesis Obi-Wan Kenobi (James Arnold Taylor).

Along with sounding superior, the episode’s title has a number of meanings. It alludes to prequel trilogy opener The Phantom Menace, the place Maul made his debut and seemingly met his finish at Obi-Wan’s fingers. I’ve at all times considered Maul’s grasp, Darth Sidious, because the titular Phantom Menace, however maybe it referred to the Sith as a pair? 

The title might additionally consult with Ahsoka and Maul, since each are apprentices who by no means accomplished their coaching. Ahsoka willingly left the Jedi and her grasp Anakin Skywalker, however Maul was changed with Rely Dooku when Sidious thought he was useless. The important thing distinction is that Anakin clearly misses Ahsoka, whereas Sidious simply does not give a hoot about anybody besides himself.

Now let’s make a journey to SPOILER city.


Revenge of the Sith

When Maul wonders why Obi-Wan and Anakin did not come, Ahsoka tells him that they had a “extra urgent engagement” — particularly rescuing Chancellor Palpatine (aka Darth Sidious) from Common Grievous, as seen within the opening of Revenge of the Sith. This episode takes place similtaneously that film.

Maul begins to monologue about how Sidious is about to grab energy and wipe out the Jedi. He does not get an opportunity to elaborate earlier than Rex and a bunch of clones arrive. He is compelled to flee, leaving Ahsoka to marvel who the heck Sidious is.


Rex, Bo-Katan and Ahsoka look out on the Republic forces occupying Mandalore. Quickly, these forces will signify the Galactic Empire.


She contacts Obi-Wan, who’s about to be despatched to Utapau, a second that occurs about 50 minutes into Revenge of the Sith. He desires Ahsoka to seize Maul so the Jedi Council can study extra about Sidious, however I really feel like Maul is manner too highly effective to stay a captive for lengthy; foolish Jedi!

He additionally asks Ahsoka to name Anakin, since her former grasp’s in a huff in regards to the Jedi Council tasking him with spying on the obviously-evil Palpatine. Sadly, Rex interrupts to let Ahsoka know that dastardly Maul has struck once more and he or she by no means will get an opportunity to contact Anakin.

Whoops. It is fairly miserable to assume how in another way issues might’ve gone for the galaxy if she’d made that decision.


Ahsoka lets Maul know he would’ve been no match for Anakin Skywalker.


Plans inside plans

It seems Maul is being motivated by a Drive-induced imaginative and prescient about Sidious taking on the galaxy, prompting him to order the lieutenants in his Shadow Collective felony empire to enter hiding. He desires to journey out the chaos and seize no matter energy is offered within the new order.

His visions additionally revealed that Sidious has lengthy “groomed” Anakin to develop into his new apprentice — a key a part of the plan. He orchestrated the Siege of Mandalore to lure Anakin and Obi-Wan there, so he might kill Anakin and “deprive Sidious of his prized pupil.”


Maul pulls the traditional “Be part of me” routine on Ahsoka.


He asks Ahsoka to hitch him to allow them to cease Sidious and (mind-blowingly) she initially says sure. However the point out of Anakin turning to the darkish aspect places her off the concept. She will’t consider the respectable man who educated her can be swayed. So she and Maul do the one factor they’ll: They’ve a fully unbelievable lightsaber duel.

“You are fortunate Anakin did not present up,” says Ahsoka. “The best way you are preventing, you would not have lasted lengthy.”

It is smack discuss, however she’s completely proper. Anakin would’ve slaughtered Maul as he did Rely Dooku. Ahsoka finally saves Maul from a deadly fall, and the clones seize him.

“You are all going to burn, we’re all going to die!” Maul screams earlier than being shocked by the clones. Intense, however applicable.


Bo-Katan and Ahsoka confront Maul.


Mando battle

Ahsoka and Maul’s duel is not the episode’s solely epic second. Gar Saxon (wearer of the best Mandalorian armor ever and performed by Ray Stevenson) throws down with Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) in an elevator shaft earlier than escaping. In the long run, he and the remainder of his Maul-supporting Mandos, whom Maul was about to desert, are defeated by the mixed may of Bo-Katan’s forces and the clones.

Within the latter a part of the episode, there is a fixed pressure as a result of we all know Order 66 is coming, forcing the clones to activate Ahsoka. How will Bo-Katan and her Mando buddies react to this betrayal? Presumably they will not be focused by the clones, however it’s doubtless the Republic forces will refuse to finish their occupation of Mandalore as soon as they’ve formally develop into the Galactic Empire.

We’ll discover out subsequent Friday, Could 1, when the second-to-last episode of the present involves Disney Plus. You will not have lengthy to attend till the finale both; that is coming Monday, Could 4.

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Easter eggs and observations

  • It is clear Maul is aware of a few of Sidious’ grand plan, however not all the small print. It looks like he is piecing issues collectively primarily based on what he knew earlier than his defeat in The Phantom Menace and what he noticed in his Drive imaginative and prescient.
  • Maul pulls details about Ahsoka from the thoughts of captive clone Jesse utilizing the Drive, a transfer Kylo Ren will pull on Rey in The Drive Awakens.
  • The previous Sith makes a reference to Saxon and Rook Kast (Vanessa Marshall) liberating him from imprisonment by Sidious and Dooku. That occurred within the 2014 Son of Dathomir comedian sequence.
  • Among the many Shadow Collective lieutenants Maul orders into hiding is Solo villain Dryden Vos, the chief of Crimson Daybreak. He does not say something, however it’s superior to see him in animation.
  • The shot after the window smashes within the throne room, inflicting glass and embers to waft by Ahsoka as she contemplates Maul’s provide, gave me chills.
  • Ray Park, who performed Maul in The Phantom Menace and Solo, did movement seize for the Ahsoka-Maul duel, and it reveals. His strikes are tremendous fluid and a pleasure to look at. Ahsoka’s motion was achieved by Lauren Mary Kim, who did stunts for The Mandalorian and numerous different motion pictures and reveals.

Come again subsequent Friday, Could 1, for the second-to-last recap of The Clone Wars season 7, forward of the Could Four season finale!

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