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The Prompt Pot Max.

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In the event you personal an Prompt Pot, you already know they’re super-convenient kitchen devices. They not solely save time, additionally they create much less mess so clean-up is a snap. You possibly can whip up scrumptious rice in your Prompt Pot, too (though if you do not have an Prompt Pot, our colleagues at Chowhound have listed 11 totally different recipes for extra conventional rice cooking strategies). The issue is the printed guide and bundled recipe e-book give solely obscure directions. And Prompt Pot’s personal information clashes with many rice recipes on its web site.   

To settle the matter, I examined my hand at batch after batch of Prompt Pot rice. This information lays out what labored for me in easy steps you possibly can attempt your self. Quickly you will be leaning in your new Prompt Pot to drag double obligation as a speedy rice-maker too.

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Rice cookers and the Prompt Pot

Whenever you prepare dinner white rice on the range, the standard ratio is 1 half rice to 2 components water. With rice cookers you need not keep in mind ratios in any respect. Simply measure rice with the cooker’s cup accent (usually 180ml, or 6.1 fluid ounces). Then fill the machine’s pot to a precalibrated water line to match your raw rice quantity.

Rice cookers typically have a number of water quantity traces. The one you select depends upon the form of rice you propose to make. Not so with an Prompt Pot, which has only one sequence of urged water quantity traces that matches the water ranges that normal rice cookers counsel for white rice. It additionally interprets to a 1:1 ratio (1 half rice to 1 half water). Most significantly, the quantity traces account for displacement brought on by the quantity of rice itself (measured by that 180ml cup).

Prompt Pot additionally recommends a 1:1 ratio for all grains of cooked rice. This included all the pieces from brown to jasmine, basmati and wild rice. The one variable that adjustments is how lengthy it ought to prepare dinner.    

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Step 1: Measure your rice

Measure out the dry rice you’d wish to prepare dinner in degree cups. Now put the rice contained in the interior pot liner. Subsequent take the interior pot out of your equipment and set it apart — in your kitchen sink or close by is good.

You possibly can rinse rice within the Prompt Pot metal interior pot or use a rice strainer like this one.

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Step 2: Rinse it properly

Fill the interior pot with a wholesome quantity of chilly water. You do not have to be actual, however you must have sufficient liquid to submerge the grains by about 2 to three inches. Gently swirl the water and rice slurry together with your hand. The water ought to rapidly turn into cloudy or milky. Rigorously drain many of the water and repeat the method. It usually takes about 4 rinses for water within the pot to turn into clear.   

There’s one benefit to utilizing that particular rice up that got here together with your Prompt Pot. Simply fill the liner as much as the water degree that matches the cups of rice added.

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Step 3: Fill the pot

Subsequent fill the Prompt Pot’s liner with the remainder of the water you want. Depart the moist rice within the pot and don’t fret about straining it. Simply add (or subtract) sufficient water to achieve the proper line. Keep in mind you are aiming for the road subsequent to the variety of rice cups you’ve got added.

This is a pleasant, fork-fluffed batch of American-style lengthy grain white rice.

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Now seal the lid by swiveling it closed to its locked place. Be sure the steam launch valve is ready to “sealing.”

Step 4: Get issues cooking

We’ll use your Prompt Pot’s “Rice” cooking program. This operate was designed particularly for white rice. It is an computerized cooking mode that runs between 10 to 12 minutes. When this system finishes, wait one other 15 minutes for the equipment to chill down and launch its inner strain naturally.

The Prompt Pot could make high quality Japanese-style brief grain rice too. Simply stick with that 1:1 ratio.

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Step 5: Fluff and luxuriate in

Swivel the lid open. You have to be greeted by the stunning sight and odor of freshly cooked rice. Do not forget one important step although. Seize a fork and softly run it by the mattress of rice. This fluffs the grains and mixes in any residual water on the backside of the pot.

I efficiently ready batches of American-style lengthy grain rice this fashion. The identical goes for short-grain Japanese rice. These are the grain varieties I personally eat most frequently. After all, if the feel that comes out is not to your explicit liking, tweak away. Attempt rather less water in case your outcomes style too smooth or sticky. Go the opposite means in case your rice is a little bit too al dente.

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