Google House: 5 methods your sensible speaker is a wiz with phrases

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Google House may help you out in a pinch in case you’re caught on a crossword clue.

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Google House ($99 at Crutchfield) understands hundreds of voice instructions, however do you know it may well aid you win at Scrabble? Or in case you’ve ever been caught on a crossword clue, Google House may have the ability to get you unstumped. And though it is form of a no brainer, Google House can train you easy methods to spell nearly any phrase within the lexicon — even large ones, like antidisestablishmentarianism.

However what in case you do not even know easy methods to pronounce the third-longest phrase within the English language, not to mention what it means? Google House may help you with all of that, too. Google House is positively stacked with all types of language expertise that may aid you spell or pronounce phrases, discover definitions, synonyms and antonyms in addition to translate to and from different languages.

And in case you ask the best questions, Google House may typically aid you resolve phrase puzzles. Listed below are 5 enjoyable methods Google House may help you discover phrases and language — and perhaps even enhance your Scrabble sport.

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Ask Google House to spell even probably the most sophisticated phrases — like antidisestablishmentarianism — and it’ll. Bonus when you’ve got a Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max, which can show the phrase whereas studying out its letters.

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1. Google House can spell it out for you

It is a Catch-22 virtually as previous as language itself: if you cannot spell a phrase, it’s a must to look it up — however how do you look it up if you cannot spell it? Because of the wonders of speech recognition, Google House can break you free from this linguistic paradox.

From the straightforward (“Hey, Google, how do you spell ‘bizarre?'”) to the chic (“transubstantiation,” “seraphim,” “Santeria,”) Google House can spell nearly any phrase you throw at it in case you simply ask.

2. Google House can sound it out for you, too

Google House is simply pretty much as good at fixing the other downside — while you’ve encountered a phrase and haven’t any clue easy methods to say it — however it’s a must to be very exact in the way you ask. The important thing to prompting Google House for the proper pronunciation of a phrase is to say, “OK, Google, how do you pronounce…” adopted by a sluggish however regular spelling of the phrase (“C-A-T,” “D-O-G,” A-N-T-I-D-I-S-E-S-T-A-B-L-I-S-H-M-E-N-T-A-R-I-A-N-I-S-M”).


Caught on a phrase you do not know easy methods to pronounce? Spell it out for Google House to be taught.

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The important thing right here is it’s a must to ask Google House to “pronounce” the phrase. In case you simply ask, “How do you say [word]?” you could or might not get the response you are in search of.

3. Google House: Dictionary and Thesaurus

You could have just a little extra leeway in the way you ask Google House for the definitions of phrases. You possibly can say, “Hey, Google, what is the definition of ‘cat?'” Or, “What does antidisestablishmentarianism imply?” You possibly can even bluntly ask, “OK, Google, what’s a pawn?”

Identical goes for thesaurus entries. For synonyms, you may ask, “What’s one other phrase for ‘squeeze?'” or, “What’s one other approach to say ‘love?'” For phrases with reverse meanings, simply say, “What is the reverse of ‘squeeze?'” or “What phrases imply the other of ‘love?'” or, “What are some antonyms for ‘antidisestablishmentariansm?'”


Google House has a translation mode for lengthier communication, however you may translate phrases and sentences on the fly simply by asking.

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4. Translate on the fly with Google House

Google House’s interpreter mode is nice for conducting conversations throughout language boundaries, however typically you may solely have to know what a phrase or two means in your native language, or easy methods to say a local phrase or two in a overseas language. If you do not know what language an unfamiliar phrase is from, Google House may have the ability to determine it out. Simply say “Hey, Google” and ask a query like several of those:

  • “How do you say, ‘thanks’ in Spanish?” (Reply: “Gracias.”)
  • “What does ‘domo arigato’ imply?” (Reply: It means “thanks” in Japanese.)
  • “How do you say, ‘The place is the coffeeshop?’ in French?” (Reply: “Où est le café?”)

5. Google House may help with phrase video games

Google House has a devoted Scrabble dictionary made by a third-party developer, however in our assessments it incorrectly recognized a number of phrases as invalid Scrabble strikes (“homogeneous,” “misanthropic,” “hereditary”  — 16, 21 and 17 factors respectively, in keeping with the official Hasbro Scrabble on-line dictionary).


At any time when there’s disagreement amongst Scrabble gamers over the validity of a phrase, Google House can confirm whether or not it’s or not.

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As a substitute, you are higher off simply bluntly asking Google House if the mix of letters you need to use is definitely a phrase. For instance, when requested “Is A-P a phrase?” Google House responded, “No, ‘ap’ shouldn’t be within the Scrabble dictionary.” When requested, “Is A-P-P a phrase?” Google House replied, “This is the definition of app: An utility, particularly as downloaded by a consumer to a cellular system,” confirming that it’s, actually, a phrase.

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Google House’s greatest expertise allows you to customise responses


Google House may assist with daunting crossword puzzle clues in case you give it the clue plus what number of letters it’s a must to fill. For instance, say, “OK, Google, what’s a 4 letter phrase that means ‘minimize'” and Google House will generate an inventory, together with “gash” and “snip.” Sadly, you may’t give it the letters you have already crammed in, for instance, if it begins with a “G.”

Google House is not only a grasp of language — it is math expertise are bar none as effectively. After all, most individuals hearken to music greater than anything they do with their Google House audio system, so make sure you arrange your streaming companies for the very best listening expertise. Talking of settings, listed here are 5 you will not remorse altering.

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