Closing Fantasy 7 Remake’s complicated ending defined

Closing Fantasy 7 Remake’s complicated ending defined




Sq. Enix

Had been you confused by Closing Fantasy 7 Remake’s ending? You are not alone. 

The sport managed to trigger consternation amongst followers earlier than it even formally launched. As issues stemming from COVID-19 unfold triggered bodily copies of the sport to be offered in Australia and elements of Europe early, some followers managed to beat the sport earlier than Remake’s April 10 launch. 

For individuals who have not performed the sport, and are simply right here for a wild experience, Closing Fantasy 7 Remake is the primary half within the Remake challenge. It takes the primary act of the unique — Cloud Strife and firm’s exploits in Midgar, the primary of many cities visited — and turns it into a whole sport. Earlier than the launch, Sq. Enix had revealed 7 Remake ends with the gang leaving Midgar

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Each director Tetsuya Nomura and producer Yoshinori Kitase mentioned there can be some adjustments to the sport’s story. The large questions going into 7 Remake have been whether or not Midgar’s part would work as a full arc, and if alterations to the story can be really important.

The reply to the primary query is spoiler free: Sure, it completely does work. Learn our evaluation of the sport right here. The second query can solely be answered in spoilerville. Once more, please: Don’t learn under except you have completed the sport or are OK with its ending being spoiled. 

The ultimate boss of seven Remake is Sephiroth. This can be a little bit of shock. Within the authentic, Sephiroth, regarded as useless, makes his return recognized by killing President Shinra and taking Jenova’s remnants from the labs inside Shinra HQ. This prompts Cloud and the gang to exit into the world to cease Sephiroth from killing everybody/every part. 

This nonetheless occurs, roughly, in Remake. However then, after you escape from Shinra HQ, as an alternative of going out into the world to seek out Sephiroth, Sephiroth finds you. 

Within the conflict that follows, it is revealed that there are alternate timelines. The occasions of the unique Closing Fantasy 7, by which Sephiroth was in the end defeated, occurred in an earlier timeline. 

To elucidate that, we have to again as much as the start of the sport. 


Demento- I imply, Whispers. 

Sq. Enix

After the primary chapter, by which Cloud and Barret destroy a Mako reactor, you likelihood upon Aerith (or, as she’s lovingly referred to, “Flower Peddler”). Cloud sees a imaginative and prescient of Sephiroth, after which after a short chat with Aerith the 2 are surrounded by ghostly creatures that seem like Dementors from Harry Potter.

These creatures seem all through the sport at seemingly random occasions, typically inflicting you bother however at sure factors saving you. In the direction of the tip of Remake, Purple XIII escapes Hojo’s lab and joins your social gathering (as an uncontrollable participant). He explains that these creatures are known as Whispers.

“Maybe greatest described as arbiters of destiny,” XIII explains. “They’re drawn to those that try to change future’s course and guarantee they don’t.” 

In different phrases, the shadow cloaks rock up any time Remake appears prefer it’ll diverge from the unique. 

If you happen to’ve performed Remake, it’s possible you’ll recall some such moments. Towards the tip of the sport, Barret is impaled by Sephiroth. It appears like he is accomplished for — till it is revealed a Whisper shielded the blow and saved him. Earlier, Professor Hojo, confronted by Cloud and co., is about to elucidate that Cloud by no means really was a Soldier — one thing Cloud’s not meant to study till a lot later — earlier than he is dragged away by Whispers. 

The very first time we see the Whispers, when Cloud meets Aerith, they seem to scare Aerith off. She’s meant to go away earlier than the Shinra infantry arrive, however her and Cloud simply stored yammering on. So the Whispers intervened. 



Sq. Enix

There is a cool reference to the alternate timelines right here too. Cloud lays eyes on Aerith simply earlier than the Whispers seem however, earlier than he can discuss to her, he sees a imaginative and prescient of Sephiroth. “You are too weak to avoid wasting anybody,” Sephiroth, after conspicuously placing his hand on Aerith’s shoulder, tells Cloud. (Sephiroth kills Aerith within the authentic.) 

One other aspect, one other story

OK, so the Whispers are right here to maintain every part on observe. Cool, however no massive deal proper? Nicely, to get to Sephiroth in Remake it’s important to first beat the Whisper Harbinger, who’s type of just like the king of all Whispers. That is orchestrated by a mixture of Sephiroth and Aerith, as Sephiroth slashes a portal open together with his sword and Aerith augments it with magic earlier than you stroll by. It is probably not made clear, however it seems that each Sephiroth and (notably) Aerith are conscious of the existence of a number of timelines. In any case, you destroy the Whisper Harbinger. 

The sport ends with the gang deciding to go away Midgar to cease Sephiroth, similar to they do within the authentic. However now, with the Whispers being eradicated, main components of the story will change because the Whispers will not be round to maintain destiny in line. From right here on out, subsequent video games within the 7 Remake challenge will not observe the unique’s story as carefully as this sport did.

Working example: Zack Truthful.

Zack Truthful is understood within the authentic as Cloud’s mentor. He is additionally the protagonist of Disaster Core: Closing Fantasy 7, a prequel to the unique (that absolutely rocked). In each of these video games, Zack is proven to be killed by Shinra infantry as he travels with a comatose Cloud to Midgar. (Each Zack and Cloud have been being experimented on by Hojo, and Cloud was knocked out, nonetheless feeling the results of Mako poisoning.) Disaster Core exhibits this with large drama, as Zack takes down scores of Shinra goons earlier than being gunned down. 

After you remove the Whispers in Remake, you are proven a montage of what is going on on in Midgar as your crew leaves. Rufus turns into the brand new president of Shinra; nothing bizarre about that. Biggs is seen recovering at his outdated orphanage; bizarre, he died within the authentic. However most significantly, Zack is seen surviving the Shinra onslaugh and carrying Cloud to Midgar.


Stamp in Zack’s timeline.

Sq. Enix


Stamp as we noticed him all through 7 Remake. 

Sq. Enix

It is strongly recommended that this happens in a separate timeline. We see a shot of a chip packet with Shinra’s Stamp mascot on it however, in contrast to the helmet-wearing Beagle Stamp we noticed all through 7 Remake, it is a Border Terrier carrying a inexperienced hat. Outdoors of this, it isn’t 100% clear what Zack’s survival means. Aerith, in the identical spot overlooking Midgar however in 7 Remake’s timeline, appears to sense Zack.

Followers will seemingly share theories about timelines and dimensions and destiny till the following sport within the sequence comes out. But it surely signifies that Zack remains to be alive, and is prone to play an enormous half in 7 Remake’s sequel. 

In different phrases, Closing Fantasy 7 Remake half two will not actually be a remake in any respect. 


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