Check out GM’s new Infotainment 3 system in the 2020 Buick Enclave – Video

Today we’re taking a look at the dashboard technology in the 2020 Buick Enclave.
Now, this is the so called GM [UNKNOWN] three system so you’ll see it also in other General Motors vehicles, like GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and of course Buick.
Though we’re taking a look at it today to get a deep dive.
Now, what we’re working with is an eight inch capacitive touch screen and a new [UNKNOWN] interface.
The name screen are very smart phone, with the swappable interphase and these icons that serve as pretty much all of the functions right here on the main menu.
And like a smart phone you can actually tap and drag this around to get them into them whatever all you like.
So if you listen to a lot of settlite radio you can put that right in the home screen.
Now let’s dig into this Hotbar at the bottom of the screen.
It’s also very smartphone like with a status area over here that shows you information about your connectivity, your current temperature and the time.
And if you tap on any of those, it’ll take you to an area where you can get more information about it.
Also over here on the left hand side closest to the driver, you’ve got four color coded icons that is shortcuts to the home screen, as well as the different major areas of the entertainment interface.
Now, green light here is normally where navigation goes if you off of that, but we don’t have navigation.
So instead, we’re using the OnStart 4G LTE turn by turn directions.
We’d have to connect to the web and download navigations and then that would actually give us live turn by turn directions.
As we’re going of course that is subscription based and if you’re like most people who carries an Android or Apple phone in your pocket You’re probably just gonna want to take advantage of the standard Android and Apple car play connectivity.
Just plug your phone in to USB and you’ll have access to Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waves On the Road.
However there is one reason you might want to consider that OnStar subscription, and that is the ability to use that 4G LTE connection A Wi Fi hot button vehicle giving all of the kids or adults in the back access to the internet on their devices.
There’s a monthly fee that you have to pay for that but they throw in a little bit at the beginning to get you hooked.
Now one of the hallmarks of the infotainment three system Is that it is cloud connected.
And that means that it is also able to take advantage of the 4g LTE connection to do things like sync your user profile to the cloud.
And that’s going to allow you to take things like your customizations, your radio presets, maybe even your favorite destinations for navigation and sync those to the cloud, which you can then download on another GM vehicle really useful if you share cars with a significant other or a roommate.
Unlike any good web connected device, there is an onboard app store that allows you to download apps into the dashboard that can take advantage of the onboard data connection.
Things like Spotify for audio streaming glimpse for sharing your current location, or NPR for getting the news.
So there’s been your very broad look at the technology in the dashboard of the 2020 Buick Enclave, the so called GM in full tainment 3 system.
Like I said you’re gonna be seeing this in a lot of general motors vehicles over the next couple of years so it’s a good thing it’s pretty good.
Be sure to check out the rest of our coverage of the 2020 Encalve on the for even more information about this vehicle.

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